Events, Books, and Media

Google Calendar

Follow all of our scheduled events by adding our public Google Calendar to yours. You can also view the public calendar in Google’s ancient public calendar interface.

Live Streams and Podcasts

Join our live podcasts – roughly weekly – on various CX, UX, and business transformation topics. We often interview special guests and subject matter experts. We always take questions live from those joining us through the LinkedIn Live or YouTube stream. All broadcasts are archived in our YouTube channel and available through the most common podcast services.

Books and Articles

Get to know the two books we published in 2019, “Delta CX: The Truth About How Valuing Customer Experience Can Transform Your Business,” and “DevOps ICU: Improve Processes and Results by Correctly Integrating UX (A Guide for Product, Project, and Engineering Leaders and Workers).” You’ll also find links to our recurring CMSWire column and our Medium publication here.

Concentric Conference

Our conference’s maiden voyage was a full day, 24 January 2020, completely live and online.

Our second edition is now being planned for late May 2021.

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