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We have over 600 videos on the channel, and are live 2-4 times per week, normally at 6:30pm Central Europe Time.

View our Google Events calendar or add it to your calendar.

Join our Slack workspace. Free!

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Ask a question ahead of time or live during our Office Hours/Ask Me Anything streams, typically Tuesdays at 6:30pm Central Europe Time.

Send something in for the Practicing Critical Thinking streams (formerly the Reaction Streams), typically Fridays at 6:30pm Central Europe Time.

Note: if it’s a long video or article, please sum up the main points or tell me what to look for. I’m sorry, but I rarely have time for long videos or articles.

Send something in for the Think Out Loud streams, typically Mondays at 6:30pm Central Europe Time.

There are now 3 types of Think Out Loud streams! Send something in for any of them.

  • Research Planning and Design – we’ll look at how we would plan early generative, discovery, or exploratory research. Then, we’ll do information architecture and interaction design live in Axure.
  • Mini Brainstorm – we’ll look at an idea a company might have. What research would we plan to make sure we fully understand the problem and customers? After that plan, we’ll jump to a mini brainstorming session to imagine possible value-led solutions.
  • Audit and Assessment – we’ll look at an existing site or app. We’ll consider accessibility, interaction design, information architecture, product-market fit, business KPIs, etc.

Book time with Debbie for private coaching. Everybody gets 30 minutes free (once). Then it’s $50 USD per half hour.

Everybody can have one portfolio review for free. Additional ones are paid.

We have a free 8-hour video workshop, “Attracting and Retaining CX and UX Talent” aimed at HR, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Tipping is optional but appreciated! Channel memberships, Supers, and tips are reinvested in the channel and in chocolate chips. YouTube ad revenue or $50 USD (whichever is higher) is donated to charity monthly. Thank you!

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