Customer-Centricity as Business Intelligence


Delta CX is a refreshing approach bringing CX and UX together in task and in name with the key goal of improving the products, services, and experiences that we offer our potential and current customers.

Prioritizing Customer Experiences Can Transform Your Business

Delta CX is a full-service consultancy and Change Agency bringing CX and UX together in task and in name. Our key goal is to find and solve problems, improving the products, services, and experiences (PSE) that we offer our potential and current customers. Rather than following trends, drinking the snake oil, or making up a new UX process, Delta CX utilizes time-tested, thorough approaches including UCD, HCD, and our own proprietary models.

Great PSE require the right teams and strategies in place to proactively predict and mitigate the risk of delivering wrong or flawed PSE. Calculate the ROI of investing more time and resources into building the right PSE the first time. Save time, money, and sanity. Replace guessing and assumptions with knowledge and insights about your customers.

Delta CX is available for customer and user experience projects including deep customer and user research, competitive analyses, market research, content strategy, information architecture, interaction design, realistic prototyping, testing, iteration, and visual design. We also offer private training, strategic consulting, and fractional CX/UX leadership.

Our team have combined centuries of experience and track records of making and saving companies millions.

Transforming Companies and Solving Problems

Consulting and CX Solutions and Projects

Whether you need help building your first CX team, some hired gun genius on an important project, or an ongoing engagement, Delta CX employs veteran change agents who use time-tested best practices for meeting and exceeding customer needs and business goals. When your business requires transformation or is facing a serious challenge, you need more than a week-long sprint to find solutions and innovations.

The Delta CX Model

Businesses need to transform processes, goals, strategies, operations, hiring, and so much more. You must move away from, “Do it faster with the cheapest people we could find,” and, “We don’t need to change; we’ve always done it this way.” You’re looking for more, new, and better ways to focus on customers, deeply understand them, and research, design, test, and iterate on the products, services, and experiences that meet or exceed needs and expectations.

Delta CX is the model for that transformation. We wrote the book, literally.

Training & Certificates

Delta CX offers training on a variety of topics for both CX and non-CX audiences. Most of our training is on-site, private corporate training at your preferred location, and available worldwide. We can also customize or create a training program for your teams and needs.

Current and Most Recent Projects

  • 3-month customer research project for an internationally-known eCommerce platform. We did remote observational research and interviews with 71 participants split into 6 segments to learn everything we can about how people add items for sale to this platform. Deliverables included task analyses, optimized task flow, typologies, extensive reporting of findings and insights, and actionable suggestions. We included a prototype of an early concept. The client said we probably gave them 5 years of projects aimed at overhauling the selling process.
  • They then hired us for a follow-up moderated and unmoderated card sort.
  • Diary study research for OEM software found on some Android phones. This will include remote observational sessions with interviews.
  • Observational research, task analysis, new landing page prototypes, testing, and iteration for a large promotional products website.
  • Qualitative research, personas, and a report including strategies and suggestions for a new online music academy.

Predict and Mitigate Business Risk

CX is storytelling. Every moment, interaction, pixel, millimeter, object, and location we deliberately design and create is part of our company’s story. There is no substitution for truly focusing on the real needs of real customers, researching to have as much knowledge and data as possible, hiring amazing workers who specialize in CX, and investing time, money, and resources into more accurately and efficiently building what makes customers loyal.

Low CX and UX maturity create poor customer satisfaction, poor product, toxic workplace cultures, and badly defined jobs that make workers feel set up to fail. The desperation to explain and evangelize UX has led to watered-down approaches and team exercises that minimize UX specialists and experts, relegating them to workshop facilitators who lack autonomy.

Rather than following trends, Delta CX presents a time-tested, thorough model that helps you establish values, vision, strategies, and goals. Adopting Delta CX means we all finally speak the same language, from tasks and deliverables to job titles and required skills to where we fit into organizations.

It’s Time for Business Goals to Shift Toward Matching Customer Needs

We’ve heard it time and time again from various cross-functional teammates and departments: CX isn’t trying hard enough to consider business goals and needs. They are “too focused on the customer.” We do have to find a balance. We can’t ignore business goals. But the most important question we can ask here is: Why are business goals and customer needs so different from each other? Why haven’t these converged more?

The Delta CX model improves your process and collaboration problems by making CX a partner to multiple departments and teams, putting our knowledge, skills, and talents to work in diverse areas of the company.

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