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Delta CX The Truth About How Valuing Customer Experience Can Transform

384 printed pages, 8.5″ x 11″

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Delta CX: The Truth About How Valuing Customer Experience Can Transform Your Business

Delta CX is a refreshing model bringing CX and UX together in task and in name with the key goal of improving the products, services, and experiences (PSE) that we offer our potential and current customers. Rather than following trends or drinking the snake oil, Delta CX presents a time-tested, thorough approach that helps you establish values, vision, strategies, and goals. 

Great PSE require the right teams and strategies in place to proactively predict and mitigate the risk of delivering wrong or flawed PSE. Adopting Delta CX means we all finally speak the same language, from tasks and deliverables to job titles and required skills to where CX fits into Agile organizations to processes and teams. Calculate the ROI of investing more time and resources into building the right PSE the first time. 

Save time, money, and sanity. Replace guessing and assumptions with Lean customer research that is planned, conducted, and interpreted by experts. Learn why quality should be our #1 priority, and how to rededicate our organization to our external and internal customers.


Target audiences: Managers, workers, practitioners, freelancers, consultants, contractors, execs, stakeholders, and everybody else working in CX, UX, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Project Management. Business Analysts (BAs), Data Scientists, Writers, Visual Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Product Designers, and Researchers.

  • Reached #6,460 in Kindle sales, which out of 2.2M Kindle books is the top 0.3% of all Kindle books.
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  • Was a #1 New Release and a #1 Best Seller in Kindle categories User Experience and Usability, Human Computer Interaction, Website Design, and Strategic Management.

113 pages

Amazon USA prices:


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DevOps ICU: Improve Processes and Results by Correctly Integrating UX

(A Guide for Product, Project, and Engineering Leaders and Workers)

This book is the companion to our “Dev && UX” training, formerly known as “DevOps ICU.”

Software development methodologies lack the details of how UX fits into organizations, teams, and projects. Some suggest that a Product Manager describing features is enough, UX should train others to do their work, or excluding UX solves them being “too siloed.” This happens with no other role in software development. It’s hurting culture, efficiency, and productivity, and creating poor products for customers.

Your customer only sees your UX, not your 1000 developers or if you were Agile or Lean. Companies are figuring out that UX specialists and the User-Centered Design process are high-ROI and irreplaceable. Recent highly-publicized UX failures remind us that skimping on UX can alienate customers, create negative media attention, and burn millions of dollars.

Learn how the UX process fits into Agile and Lean; augments DevOps goals; increases customer satisfaction; and saves time, money, and sanity… all before developers write a line of code.


Target audience: Non-CX roles including product managers, project managers, developers, QA, business analysts, and Agile coaches, business transformation leaders, and others involved in software development organizations.

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