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Measurably improve products, services, experiences, and customer glee. Correctly predict, calculate, and mitigate time-consuming and expensive business risks.

Focusing on Customers’ Experiences

Companies familiar with CX (customer experience) typically respect the work, reports, and suggestions that these experts create. Yet the same companies typically devalue UX (user experience), believing UX is just making wireframes and that it’s non-specialized, too waterfall, too siloed, and tasks we can circumvent. People inside and outside of the industry have been confused by titles; what’s a product designer, UX designer, UI designer, UX/UI designer, experience designer, etc.?

Cottage industries have sprung up as everybody is now a design thinker doing design thinking or design sprints. Definitions of design thinking vary and are hard to nail down. Are these approaches the right choices for our company and its goals? Do these cost more than they are worth? Intelligent people are left confused by the growing pile of buzzwords and the expensive training and certificates that come with them.

The Delta CX model dispels CX and UX myths and proposes the best way for the full Customer Experience spectrum to be correctly and fully integrated into companies, processes, and teams. We lay out how CX fits into Agile beautifully and where it can sometimes be in conflict with Agile practices. We explain how and where CX can be Lean, and where incorrect definitions of Lean have previously been applied to UX work.

Delta CX Key Models and Approaches

The Delta CX 9 Core Principles

These principles are at the heart of everything we stand for.

The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®

Learn how Frustration, Confusion, Disappointment, and Distraction must be vanquished before users/customers meet them.

The Empathy-Knowledge-Action™ Model

Empathy won’t take us very far without solid knowledge about users/customers plus taking the correct actions to match their tasks and what they need.

The Delta CX Decision Matrix

Use our “SNUC” scoring to judge who should do the work, when it should be done, and possibly how.

Behavior Triggers™ Model

Metrics are great but how do we more proactively catch potential customers who are struggling with our products, services, or experiences, and save those sales and relationships?

Great CX Work Mitigates Business Risk

Great CX workers and processes foresee risks and address many before they happen, saving your company time, money, bruised brand perception, customer service nightmares, and other issues caused by faulty or disappointing products, services, and experiences (PSE).

CX/UX Apprenticeship Program

The fair costs and huge advantages of creating an apprenticeship program at your company.

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