“Stop Evangelizing UX – And What To Do Instead”

CX & UX Are In Trouble

No other role at your company spends time and effort evangelizing themselves the way we do. Developers aren’t making PowerPoints to explain why it’s important to hire qualified developers and let them write code. QA isn’t holding meetings to teach everyone the importance of testing software. It’s just us and it’s making us look weird and whiny. It’s rarely working and sometimes backfiring. How do you get CX and UX buy-in or start leveling up your company’s maturity?

This session will examine the pitfalls of evangelism and what actions we can take instead. We’ll look at how some of the popular methodologies we think are bringing everybody onto the CX bandwagon might be training co-workers on how little they need us. We’ll be focusing on hiring CX specialists, the role of managers and leadership, processes, workflows, tools, and improving collaboration between us and our cross-functional teammates.

Most importantly, we’ll look at how to measure the ROI of CX. Without being able to prove our worth, we are unlikely to get a seat at the table or level up our company’s maturity.

Key takeaways:

1. How we know that CX and UX evangelism rarely works and can backfire.

2. Improving collaboration with cross-functional teammates.

3. Making better hiring choices.

4. Improvements leadership and managers can make.

5. Proving our ROI and who our best ally might be.

Format: 60-minute presentation or keynote, or 90-minute mini workshop. Customized versions and lengths available. Available on-site or live and remote, webinar-style.

Target Audiences

“Stop Evangelizing UX – And What To Do Instead” is aimed at managers, leadership, and workers in CX and UX roles. Advice is specific to those who are struggling with companies that misunderstand, disrespect, circumvent, overrule, or exclude CX and UX.

Pre-requisites: None. Attendees are not expected to have any knowledge or understanding of CX or UX.

Watch the 1-hour studio recording version as a sample

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