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Level Up Your Axure Skills

We are one of the few companies on the planet recommended as an Axure trainer. We are listed on their Trainers page under our sister brand, Ptype. We have been using Axure frequently since early 2011, and formally teaching it since early 2014.

We’re available for private Axure courses for individuals an teams. We love working with Axure newbies and the Axure curious, and we love sharing tips and best practices. We teach Axure from the perspective of real-world prototyping projects. We can start as basic, intermediate, or advanced as you want.

Just need a little training, a refresher, or some help with a current project? We also offer individual and group training by the hour.

We designed our curriculum to take people from the simplest Axure concepts through intermediate techniques and finally to the advanced approaches. This helps ease people who might be new to Axure (or afraid of it) into things. Each lesson uses what we’ve learned previously. It’s all logical stepping stones with a focus on helping you think like Axure. Rather than memorizing steps, we want to teach you how to get Axure to do what you’re imagining.

When you take our live, private workshops, you will get free licenses to the matching video courses. That way, attendees can rewatch lessons or brush up any time.


Key Takeaways:

1. Rapid and realistic prototyping with Axure.

2. Team collaboration with Axure.

3. Best practices and working efficiently.

4. Work along with your trainer in real time.

Format: Interactive workshop. Work along with your trainer, ask questions and troubleshoot as needed. Self-paced video courses are also available.

Customized versions and lengths available based on which skills you need your team to master. Training is available on-site or live and remote, webinar-style.

Live Public Core Skills Workshop

Join us live on 3 and 4 December 2020 for a 2-day Core Skills workshop, remotely over Zoom. Each attendee will get free access to our Core Skills video courses, normally priced at $150. The 2-day live workshop is usually $899, but to try to make 2020 less awful, the entire live workshop + video course package is available through 2 December 2020 for only $60 USD.

Also Available As Self-Paced Video Workshops

For those who don’t like to budget for live on-site or remote training, or prefer video training, our three Axure courses are available online. Watch and rewatch without limits. Never expires.


Even if your team has some Axure experience, it can be beneficial to start everyone on the team with Core Skills. This ensures that people have the same knowledge, best practices, and approach tasks consistently.

Hours shown include break time. Each “session” runs 75-90 minutes including time for questions. We then take a break or lunch depending upon what time it is. You can do full days (4 sessions per day) or half days (2 sessions per day). Days can be spread out as your schedule requires, or we can do all of the training back-to-back.

Core Skills Workshop (16 hours)
Session 1

  • Getting to know the Axure environment including panes, menus, and toolbars.
  • Settings and publishing.
  • Notes and documentation.

Session 2

  • Styling pages, widgets, and shapes.
  • Pen Tool.
  • Flow charts.
  • Basics of interactions.
  • Links and forms.

Session 3

  • Customised, visually-designed form elements (input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, droplists).

Session 4

  • Navigation menus.
  • Mega menus.

Session 5

  • Dynamic panels (carousels, tabs, multiple messages, overlays, lightboxes).

Session 6

  • Dynamic panels (progressive disclosure, move with this).
  • Snapshots for better documentation.
  • Introduction to variables.

Session 7

  • Super easy cheesy accordions.
  • iFrames.
  • Embedding a YouTube video.

Session 8

  • Pinned/sticky panels.
  • Adaptive views (emulating responsive design).
Advanced Skills Workshop (16 hours)
Session 1

  • Listeners (automatically running processes).
  • Masters and raising events.

Session 2

  • Drag and drop.
  • Custom scrollbar.

Session 3

  • Variables (futureproofed accordions, many possible user paths, returning to a page in another state).

Session 4

  • Forms and validation.

Session 5

  • Math (calculations on numbers, rounding numbers, formatting numbers).

Session 6

  • Math (continued plus adding conditional logic to calculations).

Session 7

  • Repeaters.

Session 8

  • Repeaters, continued.
Mobile App Prototyping Workshop (8 hours)
Session 1

  • Planning your mobile app prototype.
  • Header and main content states.
  • Publishing your mobile app prototype.

Session 2

  • Boundaries create realistic scrolling.
  • Scrolling via swipe motions.

Session 3

  • Mobile app menu.
  • Two types of mobile carousels.

Session 4

  • Moving people through a flow of screens.


Those completing one or more of our workshops can request a Certificate of Completion.

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