CX and Ethnographic Research

“Your customers’ needs and wants have permanently changed. Revisit who your ideal target customer is. You may have uncovered new markets, or decided to focus more narrowly. The messaging used in the past normal will not continue to work.”

– Maria Marino, Sr. Dir., Analyst (CX) at Gartner, June 2020

Stuck In The “We’re Here For You” Box?

Marketers, brand champions, and agencies are mostly working from the same surveys, industry reports, and public research. This led to a wave of dozens of brands advertising, “We’re all in this together.”

You want to get ahead of your competition and ahead of the coming post-pandemic world. You need to get out of the “we’re all in this together” and “we’re really here for you” box.

You need to strategize the next year or two for your brand, products, services, and changing audience. But how… when you can’t rely on frequent, conflicting, and increasingly general reports predicting every possible outcome?

Delta CX helps brands and their agencies improve strategies and planning by better understanding the now and the next.

We’re All In This Together.

We’re Here For You.

More Accurately Predicting an Unpredictable World

In These
Unprecedented Times…

There seems to be no one clear path, no currently obvious outcome.


  • Theme parks in Florida are planning reopening but is it safe? Should we all start traveling again?
  • Some conferences won’t be held until there is a vaccine.
  • Twitter and Shopify announced permanent work from home policies while Amazon, Walmart, and Wells Fargo are posting jobs that require you in the office after the pandemic.
  • Are consumers’ social media posts a reflection of dreams and fantasies, or will people change their lives, work, location, or more? Will people who dream of moving out of cities actually do it?

There’s a troubling tug of war between health, safety, public policy, the economy, and senses of personal freedom.

Times like these expose research weaknesses and the high risks of guesses, assumptions, and flawed data. By working directly with your target audiences, our team learns how their attitudes, behaviors, dreams, struggles, priorities, and spending is changing.

Delta CX Provides The Business Intelligence You Need Now

What will your brand, messaging, product, and service strategy for the coming year or more? Your customized solution is found through our in-depth customer experience research project aimed specifically at your target audiences. We help you more fully understand and target existing and new customers through rich, qualitative CX and ethnographic research that we validate quantitatively at scale.

Our multi-prong approach and longitudinal study will give you the most complete picture currently possible about your customers’ dreams, behaviors, tasks, needs, and beliefs. A more scientific approach to research, interpretation, analysis, and synthesis will bring companies fresh data and actionable information – now and as the pandemic evolves.

Drive Strategy With Unique Research and Insights

Our customizable package starts with qualitative and quantitative CX and ethnographic research. Phase 1 costs under $150,000 USD. Preliminary findings and suggestions are delivered with 6 weeks with a final report approximately 10 weeks in.

Once the preliminary report is finished, we can provide follow-up research and reports indicating changes in behaviors, evolving mental models, and shifts in customer priorities as we navigate the pandemic and post-pandemic era.

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