Qualitative CX/UX Research Coaching

Learning As You Practice

You are looking to continue improving your qualitative CX/UX research skills. The best way is to do a real project or a highly realistic sample project with a coach checking your work and providing actionable feedback every step of the way.

  • Some of the coaching will be asynchronous through online tools like Google Docs.
  • Some will be in live private Zoom meetings that you can record and keep.
  • All are welcome to join the free Delta CX Slack community.
  • Ask your coach questions through private Slack messages.

We will move through each step of a typical qual research project. It could be a study based in interviews or it could be observational research with contextual inquiry.

Coaching starts and ends in the steps that you want to cover. If you have already started or don’t plan to do all of the typical research steps, the coaching plan will be individually adjusted to your needs.

research steps

Moving At Your Speed

Nearly every program, university, and bootcamp on the planet has a set schedule. If you are not doing so well with understanding or applying the material, that’s too bad; the class is moving on, and so must you.

In our program, we move at your speed. If you need more time to perfect your research plan, we take that time. Hours are fluid and flexible, and will be used where they are needed most.

We don’t move to the next step or task until you are doing a great job on the current step or task.

Tasks and Milestones

Our coaching time can go to anything you need for your project or education. You might need some or all of the following:

  • Stakeholder and project tips and advice.
  • Understanding the real or sample project.
    • Tips and advice around collecting goals and desired outcomes from stakeholders.
  • Creating the research plan and strategy.
  • Writing the screener survey, discussion/task guide, and script/protocol.
  • Recruiting the right participants. Scheduling them and managing communication.
    • Screener survey and handling potential participants.
  • Running your study sessions with participants.
    • Submit 2 video recordings for feedback.
  • Analyzing your recordings and notes.
    • Coding and Tagging
    • Affinity Diagram
  • Creating research artifacts.
    • Task Analysis and Optimized Task Flow
    • Journey Map (we prefer task analysis to journey maps, but it can be good practice to make a traditional journey map)
    • Personas and/or Typologies
    • Writing a report.
  • Creating a punchy (short) presentation designed for stakeholders.
  • Preparing this project as a portfolio case study.


Our templates for these will be provided at each step.

Your Coach


Debbie Levitt, CXO of Delta CX, has been a CX and UX strategist, designer, and trainer since the 1990s. As a “serial contractor” who lived in the Bay Area for most of the 2010s, Debbie has influenced interfaces at Sony, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact, Macys.com, Etsy, and a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Clients have given her the nickname, “Mary Poppins,” because she flies in, improves everything she can, sings a few songs, and flies away to her next adventure.

Her “DevOps ICU” book and training teach non-CX roles about CX, why it’s done by specialists, and how to integrate it into teams and processes. Her “Delta CX” book and training teach companies how to improve customer satisfaction, predict and mitigate business risk, and increase ROI by investing in great customer experiences.

Outside of CX work, and sometimes during CX work, Debbie enjoys singing symphonic prog goth metal, opera, and New Wave.

FAQ’s Are Content Without Strategy

Will you train me on how to plan and do research?

I do teach some things as we go, but this isn’t a school or course. This coaching does not include video or live lectures. If you would like to learn research, we suggest CuriosityTank.com. Tell them that Delta CX sent you to get a discount!

Why am I paying over multiple months?

We have an optional monthly payment plan for our discounted package of coaching hours. If you use all of those hours in 2 months, you still need to pay for them! 🙂 The payment plan is just to help you spread out the payments.

My project has really tight deadlines!

No problem! We’ll come up with a plan and run as fast as we can at it!

Will this get me a job?

Most employers are looking for real work experience. If this project is not part of real work experience, then this might not count in the eyes of an employer. However, this will count towards learning, practice, leveling up, and improving your skills!

When are the coaching sessions?

Debbie is on Central Europe Time (Italy). Her calendar is open days, evenings, and weekends, where available and not previously booked.

Can I get a refund?

Prorated refunds are available based on the amount of coaching used and unused. Please contact us if you are looking to terminate the program early or request a refund. If you are not terminating, you are welcome to keep the prepaid hours “on credit.” They won’t expire.

Can you create a project for me?

We don’t have any real projects for you at this time. If you are having trouble creating a sample project, we can help. No extra charge.

Is this coaching confidential?

Yes. The coaching terms and conditions that you agree to by signing up includes strict confidentiality. You keep our secrets and we keep yours.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you would like to work on more than one real or sample project with a coach, you certainly can.

I have some other question!

No problem! Please email deb AT Delta CX DOT com, and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

Get Started

When you sign up, you can choose one of these three ways to pay. If you are from a country with a difficult exchange rate against the US Dollar (such as India or Africa), please email deb AT Delta CX DOT com to see if we have any available discounts.

$100 USD per hour

Our usual pay-as-you-go coaching rate.

$850 USD for 10 hours

Get 15% off when you prepay for a block of coaching hours. Never expires!

$149 USD per month for 6 months
(for 10 hours)

If you would rather spread payment out on a package of 10 hours, you can! And you’ll still get 10% off the pay-as-you-go rate.

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