Attracting and Retaining CX & UX Talent

Improve Hiring and Teams

Come and learn enough about CX and UX, its workers, and its processes so that you can improve your ability to attract and retain great talent. You’ll be able to create better jobs. You’ll be able to recognize what typically goes wrong at companies that make CX workers never apply, or make them very likely to quit your company.

Your company imagines it sells software, services, or goods. But ultimately you sell your talent, the people who work at your company. If you hire the wrong people, there’s only so good your products and services can be. If processes are broken or culture is suffering, there’s only so good your products and services can be.

An example of one disconnect is how you want to assess CX/UX abilities before hiring us… must be a great researcher, must have years of UX experience, must show proficiency in information architecture. But then so many jobs want us to hold workshops where “everybody can do the UX.” Nobody assessed workshop attendees’ UX-related abilities. Product doesn’t hold workshops to have everybody guess at and vote on their favorite product roadmap. Engineers don’t have a sticky note festival so we can all decide the technical architecture together. Something is very broken at the company when we allow unqualified people to make decisions in a specialized domain.

It’s extremely important to invest some time now in understanding what CX and UX are, who does them, how, why, and how so qualified candidates are more likely to apply and stay.

This is an 8-hour video course that is available as a 2-day live workshop.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What are CX and UX?
  2. What types of work and tasks do we normally do? What’s outside of our usual fields of expertise?
  3. Processes and approaches we use.
  4. CX/UX education.
  5. Why our job titles are a mess and what they should be.
  6. Why we tend to be flight risks or quit, and what can be improved.
  7. The dirty secrets job descriptions tell us about companies.
  8. Creating excellent job descriptions.
  9. Improving the candidate experience.
  10. How to assess candidates.
  11. The benefits of creating an apprenticeship program at your company.

Format: Interactive workshop (polls, discussions, exercises, Q&A). Available as a 2-day program.

Customized versions and lengths available. Training is available on-site or live and remote, webinar-style.

Self-Paced Videos

This training is completely free. You’re not even put on a mailing list. There is 8 hour of video content. Take the course in order or skip around.

Target Audiences

This course is great for anybody looking to gain a career edge by better understanding CX and UX, creating great jobs with the right skill sets, and hiring the right people. The program is aimed at managers, leadership, executives, and workers in roles including:

  • HR (Human Resources), internal to companies as well as external consultants and agencies.
  • Recruiters
  • Staffing Agents
  • Talent Sourcers
  • Hiring managers for CX and UX jobs, especially those who do not have experience working in CX or UX.
Pre-requisites: None. Attendees are not expected to have any knowledge or understanding of CX or UX.


This program is available mostly as an 8-hour video course (or 2-day live workshop). Private training can be customized to your particular company’s needs, concerns, and struggles.

You may add a day or more, especially if you want additional private consulting, brainstorming, or additional workshop time towards how your company (specifically) can build a world-class CX department or improve your culture of customer-centricity.

Agenda - 2 Day Version

Day 1 / Morning

  • Introduction
  • What Are CX and UX?
  • CX Maturity
  • CX Tasks and User-Centered Design
  • CX Education
  • CX Tools

Day 1 / Afternoon

  • Busting Hiring Myths
  • Aspirologies™: Not CX Processes But Pretending to Be
  • CX Roles and Titles
  • How Many Jobs Can We Make One Person Do?
  • Building the CX Department
  • Contractor, Freelancer, and Employee Pay

Day 2 / Morning

  • Hidden Messages in Job Descriptions and Applications
  • Descriptions of Bad Jobs

Day 2 / Afternoon

  • Improving the Candidate Experience
  • Job Applications
  • Correctly Assessing Candidates
  • Reviewing Candidates’ Resumes/CVs/LinkedIn and Portfolios
  • Personality Traits and Assessment Tests
  • Design Challenges and Homework
  • Rules for Creating Jobs
  • Interns and Apprentices


Once you have watched 100% of the video content, you can get a free Certificate of Completion. Or go for our free exam, and get your “Specialist in Attracting and Retaining CX & UX Talent Certificate with a score of 80 or higher.

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