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Delta CX is Your Partner

The client just called. Their project needs CX and UX magic. You can’t just give that client wireframes your junior graphic designer made (again). You could have someone just tell developers what to build, but how has that been working so far?

The client emailed another list of changes. Your team just spent weeks building their last changes-of-mind… and here they are again. They don’t understand why the project is taking so long and why you keep charging for changes. You can’t decide if you love or hate this client.

This time you’re stepping up your game. Get control of the project, work more efficiently, and provide a higher quality product by partnering with Delta CX.

We have provided UX work for agencies including Fjord, Rauxa, Traction, Razorfish, Creative Lift (now Lift Agency), Comrade, ROI-DNA, Manifest Digital, and Timeshare CMO.

Support from Inquiry Through Launch

You don’t have to know what the client needs. You don’t have to “speak UX.” Just drop us in as your trusted partner, and we’ll ask the right questions, give the tough answers, work with you on the proposal, and collaborate with you at every step.

“We don’t even know what’s going wrong.”

Delta CX staff have combined centuries of experience diving into problems, pain points, and confusion to learn what’s really going wrong. It’s often different or more than the client assumed. Don’t worry if your client isn’t sure what’s going wrong. We are problem finders and problem solvers.

Detailed Project Proposals

Once we understand the potential scope of the project, we provide a detailed proposal at no charge. We will include a variety of phases, tasks, and options so that we can work with the client to map out the right project for the needs, timing, and budget.

Spec Work and Samples

Does your client or RFP require samples of previous work and/or spec work? You can’t give them that stuff you made a few years ago for that other guy, hoping it looks fresh, modern, and out-of-the-box. We’re happy to take care of spec work at a reduced hourly rate.

Services for VCs and Investors

The #1 startup killer is poor product-market fit. If your portfolio company isn’t building something fresh based on the real needs of real customers, they’re unlikely to succeed. And sadly, many startups stand on the shake foundation of flawed or poor research; they’re sure they have a great idea that people need, but has that really been properly validated?

Startups tend to rush or skimp on creating a great user experience, often replacing deep customer knowledge with internal workshops that rely on guesses and assumptions. Many haven’t accurately assessed:

  • The target market. “Everybody will want this” is rarely true. We can help determine the product’s or service’s likely customers and sweet spot.
  • The user’s problems. What are they doing now? What do they need? What can this startup create, disrupt, or innovate to fulfill unmet customer needs?
  • The solution and its execution. Now that we know the current and potential customers and where they struggle, what features do we offer and how does it work?
  • The business model. How do you find the balance between people who expect most things for free and your desire for profitability?
  • Rapid prototyping. We specialize in creating realistic clickable interactive prototypes so that we can see it, experience it, and test it before burning Engineering time and budget.

Protect and strengthen your investment by bringing us in to work with your portfolio companies.

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Let’s talk about your situation and needs. We can then provide a proposal for how we can offer our Brilliance as a Service to your projects and clients.

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