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Who Is Supporting Students and Entry-Level Workers?

Most boot camps, trade schools, and even college and university programs lack the one-on-one personal attention that students really need. The program is mostly self-study – reading books and watching videos or webinars – and then you work on projects. Who is reviewing that project work? How much time will you get with them? Or are you left wondering if you’re getting it right?

Companies love to hire entry-level workers and those new to CX and UX work, often believing that they are bringing on someone who can carry projects alone. These workplaces rarely have other, higher-level CX workers in place to coach and help the newbie. Instead, the junior is made to feel like they must learn things themselves and “figure it out” to prove that they are hungry, scrappy, a self-starter, a go-getter, and other buzzwords that send the message, “We’re not going to actually teach you anything here.”

Our Low Ego Action Heroes can help students and juniors with:

  • Setting career goals.
  • Work and reviews.
  • Standardization and consistency of work.
  • Presentation practice: explaining and defending ideas.
  • Distinguishing good books, articles, and self-study materials from garbage that would lead you down the wrong path.
  • Learning concepts, skills, and tools.
  • Creating and improving your resume, CV, and portfolio.
  • Job interview practice and coaching.
  • Answering the unanswered questions.
  • Benefiting from our years of work experience.
  • Advice on dealing with difficult job situations or people
  • What sorts of “fake projects” to work on for your portfolio.
  • Help with knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Understanding Lean, Agile, cross-functional teams, and what real projects tend to look like at real companies.
  • Help with confidence and dealing with impostor syndrome

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On-Demand and Fractional CX Leadership and Coaching

Our coaching is available in pre-paid packages as well as in pay-as-you-go half hour blocks.

Companies: We Are Your Fractional CX Leadership

You’re still growing your CX or UX practice. You’re not sure who to hire, and you need to keep costs down. You want to hire a lot of juniors, but who will oversee their work and help them? You need an on-demand CX leader, who can create company, department, team, and project strategy as well as organize and manage projects and workers. We can collaborate with leaders in Product, Engineering, Marketing, and other departments to ensure customer-centricity as product, service, and experience strategies and goals are being decided.

Reduce financial risk by installing or augmenting CX leadership with our experts. Remove the reluctance to use the time; pre-paid packages mean the hours are there for your staff to use as they need help as well as for regular meetings.

Schools and Educational Programs: We Are Your Partner

You are teaching students in classrooms, online, or both, but do you have the staff and time for all of those work reviews? When students work on a project, who is checking that they understood the material, and are creating a portfolio piece that will help them land that first job?

Advisor office hours might not be enough. Peer feedback might be an unfortunate case of unsure newbies trying to advise an unsure newbie. Learners need 1:1 attention and help with experienced veterans and experts.

Students and Juniors: We Are Your Coaches

If your school or first job has a giant hole where mentoring and coaching should be, we’re there for you. Book as little as a half hour with one of our coaches.

New Hire Consulting

Are you working on your first CX or UX hires? Are you considering building a CX or UX practice at your company? Congratulations!

If nobody at your company is currently a CX/UX expert, how will you assess candidates? How will you differentiate between people who are visual designers who make interfaces attractive and people who do deep Human-Centered Design work? Which skills do you need? Can you just hire an artist to do CX/UX work?

When you have these questions, you need help. We have a customizable package we offer that can include:

  • Writing your job description.
  • Reviewing the resumes and portfolios of candidates to apply to weed out those likely to be a match to your job.
  • Phone screen or first interview with selected candidates to further narrow them down.
  • We are against “design challenges” for candidates, but if you are insisting on one, we can create the challenge and review what candidates submit to determine the depth and quality of their approach.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your company needs and hiring plans.

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